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This sexy blonde with a petite body called Teaser got me so worked up during a live sex chat that I promised myself that I’d hit her up again in the future. The future was last night and she still didn’t leave me disappointed. She was wearing glasses this time around and looking like a hot secretary or librarian (your pick) waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet, shower her with kisses and stuff her pussy with cock. She was wearing this white tube top that hugged her ample tits and really highlighted her pointy nipples.

She mentioned it was cold where she was, that’s why her nipples were so erect. I asked her to pull down her top and show me her full tits coz I could tell how cold it was there by her nipples. She laughed and told me she liked men with a sense of humor. She didn’t object to my request and even zoomed the camera on her tits and told me to imagine myself biting on their tips. Ohhh this slut’s fucking good! She was screaming like a banshee a few minutes later as she started sliding a dildo up her pussy. She got on fours and showed me her rear and I was privy to nice view of a hot slut pleasuring herself. Sweet! She cummed all over her dildo and was still shaking from ecstasy when I said my farewell.

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